Behavioral Health Services


About Accendo

Accendo provides a comprehensive suite of services to support individuals with developmental disabilities.

Residential Services

We specialize in community-based services that help developmentally disabled individuals live in their own homes, and in their own communities. It includes 24-hour supervision and support, teaching of daily living skills, maintaining healthy lifestyles, integrating fully into the community, building relationships, and supporting autonomy.

Enhanced Behavioral Supports

Accendo specializes in supporting individuals who exhibit challenging behaviors such as Aggressiveness, Self-Injurious Behavior, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, PICA, Prader Willi, and those with concurrent mental health diagnoses.

Community Protection Program

Our Community Protection Program is designed for developmentally disabled individuals who may have a history of assault, arson, or inappropriate social behaviors. These individuals may have forensic backgrounds and require ongoing evaluation and supports while under court jurisdiction.

Service Philosophy

Our approach to supporting individuals with challenging behaviors emphasizes the need for personal choice, social involvement, and individualized service. We encourage and guide individuals to discover the benefits and consequences of their choices as a first step towards autonomy; and that these choices not only increase autonomy, but they demonstrate to others the will and perseverance of a growing spirit.

The Accendo Team

Accendo embraces cultural diversity. We are a diverse work force, which provides for new ideas and differing points of view. We treat employees the way we want our employees to treat the people we support - with respect, dignity and understanding. Consistency, continuity of care, and compassionate attitudes are hallmarks of Accendo employees.

Our shared values set us apart and keep us together.


Accendo is always looking for talented people to join our team of professionals. If you are interested in a challenging yet rewarding career helping people who face significant uphill battles, please send us your CV or resume via e-mail to jobs@wa-accendo.org or fax. Our contact information is below.


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